General conditions

This enrollment agreement may be canceled within eight calendar days from the start of the first semester of the program, provided that such cancellation is notified in writing to the Program Director and to If such cancellation is made, the school will fully refund all enrollment fees and charges paid, according to the enrollment agreement, and the refund will be processed no later than thirty days after the cancellation.

This provision will not apply if the student has already started classes or used the platforms. Similarly, a student may request withdrawal for the second semester of the Program or subsequent semesters, provided that the request is made in writing to within eight calendar days before their start, and in such case, the school will refund the invoiced amounts corresponding to the following semester of the course.

Bachillerato Dual Americano LEOH International Education invoices the school for the total registration and technology fees in June, for the first semester in early September, and for the second semester in early January. Likewise, Bachillerato Dual Americano LEOH International Education will reimburse the school for invoiced amounts corresponding to withdrawals made on time and in the proper manner.

The economic conditions, invoicing, facilities, or payment terms established by the school to its students do not replace the payment conditions and dates of the school to Bachillerato Dual Americano LEOH International Education.

The school will invoice the student for fees in July, and the annual amount will be prorated in 10 monthly installments from September to June. In case of requesting withdrawal for the following semester, the Student agrees to pay the school the corresponding installments until full payment of the current semester. Non-compliance will result in the loss of all benefits offered by the school and the demand for total official program fees.

To benefit from the advantages under the conditions and deadlines offered by the school, the student must be up to date with payments of all school installments.